Our Values

Common Voyage builds technology solutions to empower nonprofits to achieve their missions.


Honesty and Trust

We do this work because we believe that nonprofits serve a critically important role and strong technology can help organizations be more effective. We take seriously the fact that our clients have priorities and finite budgets and we are truth-speakers in all that we do. We suggest apps and solutions that work for each of our clients’ individual requirements, knowing there is no ‘one size fits all’ in technology. We’d never recommend something unnecessary or unaffordable. If we can’t sustain this business on truth and transparency, then we’re prepared to go start a community garden instead!

We pride ourselves on having a very select team of trustworthy experts. Common Voyage is the people you see on our Team page and you will have a dedicated relationship with a consistent consultant during our engagements.


Passion and Creativity

As you know since you’re visiting this website, technology is changing faster and faster all the time. While this can be frustrating for someone just trying to get pledge data into the system, to us rapidly changing technology is a deep well of creative tools. There are new technology solutions for nonprofit problems every day, and we’re passionate about knowing what’s possible with technology to meet our clients’ needs as perfectly as we can.

Our implementation approaches are as creative as our clients’ needs are variable. We love working to identify needs and dreaming up new solutions together. Our approach encourages clients to first forget about the specifics of technology in order to bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. The foundation for effective change comes from innovative thinking and collaborative brainstorming. From there, we work alongside our clients to make important decisions and help translate those ideas into a technical reality.


Collaboration and Community

If you engage nonprofit community-builders in discussions about how to use technology, it’s no surprise that they build a thriving community around it. Collaboration and camaraderie is in our nonprofit DNA. Clients often tell us that they want to learn what’s working for other organizations. We want our clients to know they have an open invitation to this network of nonprofits, consultancies and technologists and it’s our personal mission to make the connections. Our commitment to collaboration is right there in the name: we’re on a common voyage.